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MyIpTracker is a small utility designed for the traveling businessman, gamer, or any PC enthusiast that needs to know what his or her home IP address is to allow them to connect to their home computer from wherever they are.  This saves you from the additional expense of having to have a static IP address.  It runs silently on your computer and sends you an email any time your IP address changes. 

You can configure up to 5 separate email addresses.  It can also be set up to send additional emails at 4 preset times each day.  Send an email to your home web email account, your work email address, or to up to four of your friends for direct Internet gaming sessions or FTP file transfers.

 MyIpTracker is free to use for 30 days!!!

Don't worry about any of this stuff below. My brother and I worked on this years ago when we were in school and I had forgotten all about it until some guy tried to sell me the domain name a while back. I'm not sure how far he got with it either, but feel free to use this as long as you want. I think it's just kind of fun that it works. Of course, donations are always welcome!!!,


 After 30 days we ask that you register your product.  Registration is only $5.00 and allows you to use MyIpTracker for a full year!  Simply pay the $5.00 registration fee via PayPal to "" and our database will be immediately updated, allowing you to fully utilize MyIpTracker and all it has to offer.  You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your payment has been processed.

 Send $5.00 to via PayPal


Features Include:

- Secured Online Purchase
- Instantly tells you your current Ip Address
- Email Notification when Ip changes
- Carbon up to four people
- Customized subject formatting
- 4 additional time notification options
- Consumes almost no system resources
- Runs from the System Tray

You do not need to have a current account in order to pay by PayPal; signing up is easy.  All you need is a valid credit card.  And it's free!!!  Just make sure that the return email address you use when paying by PayPal is the same email address you will use when receiving notification messages from MyIpTracker, since that's what we go by to verify that you are a customer in good standing.

Download MyIpTracker here!!!

No messy installation required.  Just copy the executable file anywhere you like on to your hard drive.  After you have downloaded it, just double click on it and run it from there.

Having Problems?  Download this utility!!!

MyIpTracker was created primarily for Windows XP and Windows 2000 Operating Systems.  If you want to run it on any Windows 98 version, you can but you will need the above utility that will register some standard Microsoft DLL's not included with those operating systems.

If you decide to change your email address after you register - you will need to contact us via email until we can get this functionality automated.

 For the latest updates, click here:

  Email us at for any questions, comments, or suggestions!!!


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